Published Winter 2018 Virginia Bride Magazine

We couldn't believe our great fortune when we were approached by Angeline Frame, owner of Virginia Bride Magazine, to create designs for a Marie Antoinette inspired styled photo shoot. This opportunity came only months after we decided to leap into the world of wedding floral design full-time.

Great energy abounded! The amazing photographer, Kimie James of IYQ Photography, talented Cameron Carson of the eponymous make-up artist company, effervescent Raegan Gibson of Sweets and Soirees, and the incomparable Natty Warbucks (as she calls herself) as the energetic and photogenic Marie Antoinette all added to the great fun!! The day was bright and hot-typical Virginia July weather-but all participants persevered and the results were...well you can see.

After the sun settled behind the trees and the darkness grew, we were saddened that the day and the creative fun were over. Much to our surprise and delight, Angeline popped open the "prop" bottle of Dom Perignon! Truly the perfect piece de' resistance of the day.

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